Florian Klaus Rumpf decided at the age of 7 to make the mandolin the center of his life. He studied at the Cologne University of Music and Dance, Wuppertal location with Prof. Caterina Lichtenberg, Valerij Kisselev and Silke Lisko.

The goal of his pedagogical work is aimed at creating basic literature for the mandoloncello and the octave mandolin, which are only rarely been performed as solo instruments. His achievements in this area are recognized internationally.

The focus of his solo work is the diversity of mandolin instruments from baroque mandolin to octave mandolin to liuto cantabile. He constantly works with composers, writes himself, researches and arranges in order to expand the literature for his instruments.

Rumpf's recording "A Mandolin's Guide To Hamburg" was nominated for the Opus Klassik Award in three categories in 2023.